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T cell therapists

Aerial View
Dr Hong Zhan

Dr Hong Zhan has experience in GMP production of vector stock and T cell engineering 

Tea Fields
Dr Christos Georgiadis

Christos is developing genome edited T cell therapies, including CAR-T cells for leukaemia and supervising PhD students

Wood Piles
Annie Etuk

Annie is investigating strategies to edit T cells using lentiviral vectors and CRISPR/Cas9

Fibre Optics
Dr Athina Ghazi

Athina has specialist expertise in NGS and bioinformatics of CRISPR editing and is supervising PhD students

Abstract Architecture
Roland Preece

Roland recently completed his PhD and is investigating strategies to improved CRISPR/Cas9 and base editing technologies

Dry Flowers
Hala Aldahshan

Hala is a researching therapies for T cell malignancies for PhD studies

Glowing Curtain
Dr Syed Farhatullah

Samir is a post doctoral researcher developing CAR T cells for AML

Afternoon Light
Renuka Kadirkamanathan

Renuka is a PhD student investigating improvements to T cell therapies using genome editing

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